Visiting scientists report

This report is divided into four parts. First part includes work done elsewhere but analysed and written up at ILCA, 2nd part presents work done at ILCA and written up at ILCA, 3rd part is a chapter to an ILCA sheep production manual, and part 4 is a contribution to ILCA workshops and training. Papers in part one includes studies of blocked teats in small scale dairy farms, embryo transfer from exotic to indigenous goats in Kenya, attempts to increase reproductive rates in tropical sheep using the technique of embryo transfer, use of embryo transfer technology to raise purebred dairy cows from Zebu cattle, and effect of improved reproductive herd health on milk production from urban dairy herds. Part 2 presents papers on the effect of the method of estrus synchronization and PMSG dosage on estrus and twinning in Ethiopian sheep, luteolytic effect of PGF2 Alpha in Boran and Boran/Friesian heifers, and vitrification of Boran (Bos indicus) embryos. Part three and four includes papers on improving reproductive performance in sheep and reproductive wastage in smallholder dairy herds respectively.


African Dryland Institute for Sustainability , University of Nairobi